Company Profile:

We are an importer, exporter and distributor of bulk nuts, seeds and dried fruits supplying the snack, bakery, food service, confectionery and ice cream industries.

  Quality Control & Food Safety:

Our vendors go through a rigorous approval process before qualifying as suppliers to us. We insist on certifications such as HACCP, ISO, BRC and SQF to insure we provide our customers with the very best quality nuts, seeds & dried fruits available. Product specifications have tightened throughout all links in the supply chain in recent years. Consumers demand better quality and stricter food safety than ever before. We stay ahead of the curve by travelling the world to visit our growers and processors and by auditing their facilities. When it comes to food safety we know there's no substitute for verification.

  Competitive Pricing:

Low margin, high volume is our modus operandi. This coupled with an efficient infrastructure enable us to beat market prices. Our experienced team also understands that timing is everything when it comes to strategic purchasing decisions. We lock in low prices as the opportunities present themselves. The savings are passed on to our customers. Our long-term customers have come to depend on our crop reports for insider information that enables them to buy right. Prices of nuts, seeds and dried fruits fluctuate wildly as with other commodities. We follow the crops closely so you don't have to.

  Dependable Service:

We believe in punctuality. If we promise you a delivery date, you can rely on it. Our experienced logistics team uses state-of-the-art technology to transmit order releases to our warehouse personnel. A seamless procedure permits same day service where necessary for domestic transactions. Export orders are meticulously coordinated and re-confirmed leaving little room for error. Export sales are also facilitated by our east and west coast U.S. warehouses.


The company's founder Adam Green served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica in the late 1980's. Sustainability was on the minds of Peace Corps volunteers decades prior to it becoming the corporate buzz word it is today. The Hemisphere Group is proud to donate a portion of its profits each year to numerous non-profit organizations that help preserve our planet's natural resources.

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